Jumaat, 6 Ogos 2010



I wake up every morning,
Grab my phone,
And stared...
None of yours SMS's

Then I'm lying back,
In my toto,
I close my eyes,
And I remembered you,

Oh baby!
I remember everything about you,

KLCC is our 1st place dating..
Talentime is our movie..
SMS's is how we connected..
Mid is our places..

And I start fall in love with you,

Oh, baby!
I still remember what you doing to me on karoke box..
It was at Alamanda..

We driving through Putrajaya..
And now...
I still missed it, remembered it, capture it...

Do you know
how much I need you right now?

Oh, baby!
Every morning I wake up,
I will pray for you...

I'm so sorry..
Why I don't use Malay??
Coz I nak berlagak r...


syazyan - untuk jantan bodoh tuh..

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