Ahad, 27 Mac 2011

Entry in English

Cat Turning Head Animated Clipart

As salam! Hye! Yes, I’m not sleeping yet. Yeah, I know, it’s my time to sleep. Well, actually I’m in mood to design a new header for my blog and the work is done but in half way. So naughty lah me. Budak – budak, jangan buat kerja separuh jalan seperti melepaskan batuk di tangga. It’s not nice to do half work okay? Oh, hahahha, I know. You all must be weird with me because I’m using English. Hahaha, it’s my pleasure to publish an entry using English. It was one of my dreamlah.

I’ve read so many English reading material just to improved my English. I also read some English’s entry in Hanis Zalikha’ blog. Like what she said in her blog, her English was bad before blogging, so maybe with publishing entry in English, I can improved my language and some of my grammar. Yeah! I know, my English is so Manglish. I’m from Malaysia and I’m trying to do my best to improve it. FIY, these sem in my classes, my lecturer forced us to use English in doing their report ( dalam hati, marah memuncak ).

When doing my assignment, there was a dictionary beside me. I also surf internet such as Google Translate to make it easier. I will always try to do my best to improve my English and I hope to all my readers to give me chance and give me comment if any mistaken okay? But, please, don’t use harsh words. It’s just give me painfull. Ouch!~

Okay, we continued with our bed time stories. Okay, salah eja ke?why my eyes are opened and I don’t feel sleepy?? Just now I was designed a new header using Adobe Photoshop. Suddenly the idea was gone. So my head was blank. So, I got blurr for a minute. Wokeyh, after that, I felt so disappointed. So I have decided to click the ‘X’ at the above on the right side. After that, online lah. Apa lagi kan??

So, this is my first entry using English. Comment yahh! J

8 ulasan:

  1. english is wonderful rite!! keep it up sis!

  2. still trying to write in english but still dun have enough confidence..ngeeee
    btw, a gud entry thought.. :)

  3. bagus wat entry cmni,,akak pun masih broken english,,huhu,,neway i follow u,,singgahla kt blog akk klu sudi

  4. wahhh...mungkin lepas baca entry ni english alief pun akan improve..alief punya english pun broken gak..hehe..syaz,jgn buat kerja separuh jalan ye..

    btw,pandai nye syaz buat header..huhuhu...mesti cantik header tu nnti...

  5. sudir suichi : yes!! u'r rite!~ english so wonderful

  6. alya manip: my 1st testing..hehehee :)

  7. misina : tq!~ nnt sy akan jenguk blog awk ea.. :)

  8. alief : wahahhaaa,, skg neh x bleh nk wat header, sbb nyer tengah bz nk study..insyaAllah, ari sabtu neh nk update ..


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